Thursday, December 6, 2018

There is a Place, by Rosie

Today I was picking up Rosie's room because we are getting the carpets "pulled" tomorrow, ugh.

I came across a song/poem Rosie wrote a couple years ago and I wanted to do more than save it in a box.  I want to make sure I remember it forever. 💓  (in her own words and spelling.....)

There is a Place

i know a place were you can go 

if you are holy and trust you mhite find 

interesteing thigs like a river 

that goes on forever 

and a butyfull boat to go with it

and a punkcin that never stops growing

even in the darkest hour

i can find my way ther

there is a river that goes on forever

and a beutiyfull boat to go with it

and a puncken that never stops growing

go there

go there

you will be happy you did

go there

go there







Oh ther is a river that goes on forever

and a beutyfull boat to go with it.

And a puncken that never stops growing

you shud go to that place....

That place is heven.

- Rose Szymanski
age 8, I think

Friday, October 5, 2018

Launch! (The Book)

Mid-August of this year, I received a group email asking, "Has anyone ever read or heard of this book called Launch by Burlowski?  Is it any good?  Is it worth buying?" 

I had not ever heard of her or her book, so I looked it up and decided that the $35 was worth it. It came and I read it quickly since we have a son who is going to college next year.

I also went to hear her speak recently to get a a better sense of who she is.


She is the real deal.  

She really cares about the fact that kids are going into debt and making a lot of bad choices along the way that could have been avoided.  That much came across when she almost choked up a couple of times during her talk.  

No one is going to use every bit of information in her book, but if even one thing helps, the $35 is more than worth it.  

Did you know that most people make mistakes on the FAFSA that costs them many dollars in aid?

She also recommends figuring out what your child is truly interested in so they don't waste time and money.  And be a leader and get involved in something special.  (I love that we have had a lot of information on this through Life.)  

Ideally, start in eighth grade planning ahead.  So - if you think your child is too young for you to need to read this book, think again.  Well worth it.  Don't just go by my extremely short summary.

Have a Blessed Day!


I mentioned in a previous post that Sam was headed to Manitou Springs, CO for Summit  Camp.  I had no idea how amazing this was going to be for him.  Summit Ministries has been equipping young people to defend their Christian faith in a loving way for 55 years!  How did I miss this?!?!

They had over 60 hours of classroom lecture from amazing speakers who engaged and challenged them on various worldview topics, all the while loving them with Christ's love so they can go out and do the same.  And FUN.  They had a lot of fun as well.  And relationships that are Christ-centered ...deep and meaningful.

He wants to go back even if he has to pay for it himself.  It was that impactful.

Have a Blessed Day!

Don't Listen to Me

Yesterday it dawned on me that it would be a horrible thing for someone to read this blog and decide that this was the only way to home school -  and then decide not to.  

So that is why this entry is entitled like it is.  I don't think you could walk into any two home school settings and see the exact same thing.  Everyone is so different.  That is the beauty of it.  Of course, one plus one is still two wherever you go (unless, well, we won't go there), but how and when and why things are done can be so very different for every family......even for every kid.  

So - please, if you think you might want to home school, but my crazy way of doing it does not fit your family, then don't listen to me.  The actual concept itself has so many benefits for so many people.  Hopefully, those things have come across in my other posts even if you don't agree with exactly how we did it.

Have a Wonderful Day!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

A New Era

Well, this is a big week for our family.  Hope is moving to San Francisco to take an apprenticeship with a software company as an Account Manager!   The Praxis program has been wonderful and will continue to be there for her.  We are so proud of how hard she has worked to get this far.  She is a self-directed learner through the Life system and other sources and is always absorbing information on how to be better and do better. 

The thing that is standing out to me the most this week, though, is that she is taking specific time today and tomorrow to spend time with each of her siblings before she leaves.  Today, Sam and she are hanging out in Stillwater together.  They have also been watching some Netflix series that had to be finished before she left.  Tomorrow she is taking her little sister, Rose, out for the day to hang out together.  So sweet.  

We will miss this young lady!  We will also miss Sam for a couple weeks while he is at Summit leadership camp in Colorado.  I am glad he has another year to be home with us!  

It feels weird that I am also going through my home school books to see what I have from when I went through Roman history with Hope and Sam.....because Rose and I are entering Roman History this fall.  I found some new historical fiction novels that either weren't written or I did not know about when Hope and Sam were little.  I also found a 3 book series called The Green Ember Series.  Should be fun!  I always need a little break at end of a school year, but always start getting excited to plan an awesome book list for the coming school year.  Rose and I read Little Princess recently.  So beautiful!  Now we are reading The Hobbit.  She loves it!  She even added some poems to her own book she is writing.  :-)

That is all for now.  It should be an exciting year as Hope goes off on her adventure and Sam figures out where to go to school and play baseball.  I am thinking Rose and Terry need to start their own You Tube channel where they discuss "Life, the Universe, and Everything".  Should be fun!

Monday, April 16, 2018

North to Freedom, a book review

When I was in fourth grade, my teacher used to read books to us after recess....or maybe it was during recess when it was too cold to go outside......(never happens).  There was one in particular that stood out in my mind.  It was so interesting, moving, and a cliff hanger at the end of every reading.  Many years later when I was looking for a book to read to Hope and Sam, I tried to remember the title, but I couldn't.  I don't know what finally triggered my memory, but I finally decided to Google some cryptic description I pieced together....and I found it!  Victory!  North to Freedom by Anne Holm, that's it!

I got it at the library when I read it to Hope and Sam years ago, but for Rose - we bought our own copy.  This is such a precious story!  The main character, David, is a young boy who has escaped from a prison camp in the early 1900's.  (World War I, as far as I can tell.)  He is hungry to learn and shows the most amazing appreciation for the most basic things in life.....soap, a clean soft bed, a bathroom, being clean, having good food, having a house to live in, and BOOKS.  He appreciates them and loves to read them.

He remembers hearing something about God in the prison camp, so he prays to God for help.  He does not understand theology, but he knows there is a God who loves him and helps him.  He understands and appreciates freedom.  He treats others with amazing respect, but does not tolerate evil.  He has to make hard choices throughout the story.  Emotionally, it would be easier to stay in the places that offer him some comfort, but he has an end goal that must be reached in order to stay free.  So he leaves "good" to press on towards the prize.

There are so many gems in this book.  Rose and I are only half way through it, but every time I read it I remember why I loved it the first time and remembered it so many years later.

I most highly recommend it!

Until next time,

Monday, March 12, 2018

Mind, Body, Spirit

I have to continually remind myself that I can't control people or circumstances.   Just when I think I've got this concept down,  I find myself struggling mentally and emotionally to "coax the ball into the corner pocket", per say. 

I want the children to have amazing lives and achieve all of their dreams.  Don't we all?  We can prepare them and guide them and love them,  but in the end the most important thing is to pray for them.   I don't mean we are supposed to be hands off and whatever will be will be.   I just mean that I have to continually remind myself to do my best without doing everything for everyone and pray for God to guide them and me.

If I pray for them to be healthy in mind,  body,  and spirit,  I have to trust that will pretty much cover it.

The verse 1Peter 5:7 has always comforted me.  "Cast your cares upon the Lord,  for He cares for you. "  I assume that includes my children.  😆

Until next time,

There is a Place, by Rosie

Today I was picking up Rosie's room because we are getting the carpets "pulled" tomorrow, ugh. I came across a song/poem Ros...